Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lori Foster's Reader Writer Get Together

I attended the Lori Foster Reader/Writer Get Together writers conference over the weekend of June 03-04. This one is unique in that readers also attend and get to meet their favorite writers. I pitched to one agency and have an opportunity to query another agency. I met with several of my writing friends from Sisters in Crime Columbus Ohio (SiCCO) and met several other new people: former Cincinnati cop Joelle, Danita from Authors Island, and several new writer friends.
Writers' conventions force me out of my comfort zone. They force me to engage with new folks. As I close the door behind me when as I leave my comfort zone, I never fail to find people with interesting stories. Real life stories. Most of these aren't tales of traveling the world in exotic adventures. Most are the confrontations of life, those troubles that rain upon us or the joys that brighten our days.
Thanks to all those that made this an enjoyable time in the midst of my own life struggles. Which is another post.

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