Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Dearth of Critical Thought

Throughout history, mankind communicated through the written word, whether it be paintings on cave walls, marks pushed into clay, or bits on a computer screen. Due to the effort it took to get the printed word out, the skill of critical thinking played an important role in the toolbox of a writer. Schools prepared its students to think, to look beyond the simple and mundane to contemplate complex ideas.

In recent years, acquiring the ability to think critically has died a slow death. Schools in America teach for the test. News bites fail to inform. People refuse to learn. Today, we have witnessed the passing of critical thinking. Bloggers hide in the anonymity of the Internet to write callused and shallow thoughts. They bask in childish behavior. Crude retorts pass for intelligence.

In America, we live under the rule of the lie. Truth no longer matters. Honesty is blase. Decency has become a sin. Self-sacrifice drowns under the tsunami of selfishness. If we, as Americans, don't get a grip on this malaise, then the day will come where we will be back to communicating through paintings on the walls of caves. Our enemies desire nothing less.

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