Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Intolerance of Tolerance

I loath the political correctness that has gripped our nation with its insanity. Once, we allowed debate, even spirited debate. We considered the freedom to speak to be an unalienable right. Today, if you speak your mind and you are not classified as one of the in-groups, you are vilified and insulted. We have come to the age of the Intolerance of Tolerance.

The in-groups come up with special words meant to chastise those who disagree with them. Therefore, if you are a Californian who is against gay-marriage, you are instantly labeled as a homophobic ______ (fill in the blank). The pro-homosexual marriage folks want everyone to tolerate their behavior, but are intolerant one anyone who disagrees. A lone elderly woman protests a homosexual protest and she is shoved, her sign destroyed and she is heaped with vile language. Nothing is said because the homosexuals are labeled an in-group by the culture police.

If you find the behavior of certain Islamic groups to be dangerous, then you are labeled an Islamophobe. Certain radical Islamic groups have infiltrated the western world and demand the west include them or else. However, if Christians, Jews, Mormons or atheists went to a Muslim country and demanded the Muslim tolerate their presence, they would likely face the sword. If a Muslim country wants to protect their culture, they should be allowed to do so. Yet the radicals are intolerant of other faiths while demanding all other faiths tolerate theirs. I know Islamists hold dear to the belief that theirs is the one truth faith. However, others do not.

The intolerance of those who demand tolerance pushes our world ever closer to dangerous confrontations, both at a personal or local level as well as national and international levels. We race forward to a clash of cultures and ideologies that few want. Consider, we face a future of great uncertainty, where the homosexual crowd controls the culture and Islam controls theo-political.

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